One Goal. One Passion. Clean Water.

Over 70% of the world does not have access to safe drinking water. AngelsH2O is a safe, simple and affordable product designed to help solve the unsafe water catastrophe throughout the world today, ensuring that every family, every child, can drink and enjoy something that so many of us take for granted daily... safe, life-sustaining water. Through the many faith-based organizations, churches, missionary volunteers and outreach programs, we have not just the opportunity, but the responsibility to be the solution! Don't let another 20 seconds go by. Please take action now!


You can help!

Provide safe drinking water for a family of 6 for 3 months, for less than a night out at the movies!

The child you help today may be tomorrow’s leader

Make a tremendous impact by sharing AngelsH2O throughout the world!

Did you Know

A child dies every 20 seconds from a waterborne disease. Help make a difference.

What People are Saying about AngelsH2O

As a Christian, we should be concerned about our brothers and sisters that are in need of our assistance that is crucial for their survival. Providing only $100 serves a family of six for one year. Truly, that is less than a concert ticket, especially if you add dinner.

It is my pleasure and obligation to speak to every group and every circle I am involved with about Angelsh20. The God in me speaks to the God in you! My heart beats to your heart beat! Rise up and be counted to serve one anoth…
Rev. Michico James Miller